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Originally posted on Nov. 09, 2012


The “Schema” consists of several Tiers, or layers of execution, that describe the implementation of Alpha Risk—particularly beyond the novel. The Schema is as follows.

I. Alpha Risk

1. ________

2. ________


III. F____ C_____

IV. Alpha Risk: N______

Several notes:

  • The Schema is presented here as it currently is. That means that it will change in the future. Every time it does, it will be promptly updated here. Each blank will be revealed in due time, and there may be other additions too. If you want to know how and when the Schema has changed over time, you should check out the Schema category of posts.
  • The Tiers are neither mutually exclusive, nor chronologically constrained. What this implies is that the Schema describes the general outline of the order in which the Tiers may occur, but a Tier may occur (and continue to occur) at the same time as another without problems. Tiers can and will coexist along each other.
  • ARM is NOT ARM 0.1. ARM 0.1 is a Word document. ARM is, well, something else entirely. More clear info about this will be revealed in due time.
  • I could have included ARM 0.1 as Tier 0, but it simply does not stand beside the other Tiers (including ARM). ARM 0.1 certainly makes the Schema possible. However, it doesn’t form part of the Schema like the Tiers do. In other words, it doesn’t coexist with the Tiers the way each Tier coexists with each other. This thought process could change in the future, mind you, but that is my stance today.


I know what the Schema looks like, such as it is. Simplistic, painfully ambiguous, not very informative. But, I dare not reveal more about the Schema for now. Why? Well, the main reason is that the Schema is inherently ambitious, and I don’t want to sound like an arrogant—if not delusional—moron. (Not this soon, anyway.) I prefer the Schema to stand on its own as it is, current incompleteness and all.

The Schema is definitely the “long game”, and it shouldn’t have significant bearing until later. I am describing it here simply to prove that this has all been a part of it since the very beginning.

The Schema will be one of the pages here, and that will be updated as needed. It’s over there where the blanks will slowly be filled. I plan to post updates accordingly though, but on those posts I will leave the blanks as they are, just for reference.

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